Don Guthrie
Radio Broadcast Messages
Aired week of Sept 4-10, 2011
“The Last Days”

      Greetings in the name of Jesus! Hi, I'm Don Guthrie and I want to thank you for joining me today as we look
into God’s Holy Word to learn how we can become a better witnesses to the world and a more faithful followers of

      Father, I come before you this day in the name of Jesus. I ask that you anoint me with your Holy Spirit that I
might speak the words you would have me speak. I ask that you open our ears and our heart to hear your message
and to understand your Holy Word. In Jesus name I ask these things: AMEN.

      Today I’m going to be continuing in my series of messages on the last days as we look at Matthew chapter
twenty-four, and verses three through five.

Matthew 24:3-5
3.   And as Jesus sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying,
    Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the
    end of the world?
4.   And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5.   For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

      Like so many of us do, the Christ’s disciples also wondered when the world was going to end, so they went to
Jesus and asked him. In Matthew 24, we find his answer.

      When they asked Jesus when the world was going to end, he gave them signs to watch for which was to show
them that the time was near. We will be looking at a few of those signs today and several more over the coming
weeks. The first sign we find in this passage is in Matthew 24, verses four and five. Listen to what he told them.

4.   And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5.   For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

      In these verses Jesus gave them the first sign in answer to their question. It’s apparent that Jesus was
concerned about what was going to happen, for he told his disciples to “Take heed that no man deceives you.”
Here we find Jesus warning his disciples, to beware. Those same words echo down through the scriptures to all
believers and to all the followers of Jesus from that time until the present. He could have just as easily have come
down to earth today and told us the same thing, for we are indeed living in a time when there is much deceit and
many who are trying to make us believe things that are not true.

      In this time in which we live, it’s so important to look at everything we are told, and compare it to the Bible. This
is the only way we can be assured that what we are hearing, reading or seeing is from God or the evil one. Satan is
doing his best to deceive as many as he can, and folks, he’s doing a good job, even deceiving many those in the
Church into believing his lies.

Revelation 12:9
9.   And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which   
    deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out
    with him.

      Did you catch what this verse said? It says that Satan is the deceiver of the world. Satan was cast out of
heaven along with one third of the angles God had created, and they landed here on earth where they’ve been
deceiving mankind with their lies and false teaching since the first man was created. Satan’s goal is to deceive us,
and to try to make us turn away from God. He does this, not because he wants us, but because he doesn’t want
God to have the satisfaction of our being with him for all eternity.  

      Around the world, people are being deceived and turning away from the teaching of God choosing instead to
follow secularism and worldliness. Satan is bombarding them with lies strait from the pits of hell, all intended to
make them doubt the authenticity of scripture, and even the existence of God. He is using everything he can, to
convince the world that God does not exist and that his Holy Word is full of errors and I’m sad to say this, but it’s
true, Satan is doing a very good job. Look at what’s being taught in the world today. Look in your child’s science
books at the lies being taught about creation. Watch shows on TV that talk about the flood and dinosaurs and so
on, and you’ll find that little of what is being reported will match what the bible teaches. Read your children’s history
books. Look to see if there is any mention of the importance that the bible and Christianity played in the founding of
America. Unfortunately, you will find little, if anything mentioned.

      Satan has worked at his deceit for years causing folks to believe the bible is wrong. He was wise enough to
realize that man would never believe him if he acted too quickly so, he worked slowly, instilling in the hearts of man
doubts to make them believe his lies and deceptions. Many of you listening today were taught about the so-called
big bang theory, and the theory of evolution. These things were taught as theories, not facts. Today our children’s
science books no longer call them theories, they are taught as fact.

      Our ancestors used the bible in the schoolroom as part of their curriculum. It was a standard textbook for years.
But, through Satan’s deception, the bible was first taken out of the classroom as a textbook. Then as the years
went by, it was taken completely out of the school, and today, any reference, and anything that pertains to the bible
is illegal in the classroom. That’s how Satan’s deception works, and it is not only in the school, it’s everywhere.

      The goal of Satan is to tear the foundation of our beliefs from under us. Our belief in the bible and its teaching
is the foundation of our Christian existence. Our hope for eternal life, our hope for salvation and our hope for
forgiveness, is in jeopardy if the foundation is gone, and for many, the foundation is quickly eroding.

      Satan has placed his deceit in the heart of many, and those who have been deceived are trying to teach the
deceit they’ve learned to others. When someone like myself, believes that the earth is only six thousand years old
like the bible teaches, I am said to be ignorant. To believe that the earth was destroyed by the flood as we are
taught in Genesis, is said to be ignorant as well. Some in the church have been deceived into believing the lies of
Satan, and they too are teaching those lies to others. Ministers of the Gospel are not immune. Many are caught up
in believing only the parts of the bible that suits their need, and refusing to teach the bible in whole.  

      Some years ago, in a class that I attended, a minister with a great many degrees under his belt, a College
professor in one of our colleges, said that the miracles that Jesus performed were not real miracles, instead he
said, the people only thought they were sick. According to his belief, those people we read about in the New
Testament who were healed had psychosomatic illnesses, so when Christ touched them they got better, simply
because they only thought they were sick. With this sort of thinking, it is easy to see how Satan has been working.
Well, I’m here to tell you, every miracle Jesus performed was a real miracle. When he healed the blind, they were
really blind, and he made them see. When he touched the deaf, they began to hear, many for the first time in their
whole life. When he raised the dead, the person was really dead. I don’t now how that could be faked.

      Another of my professors said that the book of Jonah was good literature but it was impossible for it to have
happened. Folks, there is nothing impossible for God. If the bible says it happened, Satan will never convince me
otherwise. Yet, many are choosing to believe his lies. What bothers me most is how our children are being forced to
learn his lies in school, and how they’re being taught that the bible is wrong. How can we convince them the truth,
and make them believe the bible when the school is teaching them something different? We are living in a time of
great deceit

      In verse five of our scripture today.  Jesus said

5.   For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

      From the time Jesus spoke these words, to the present day, there have been men claiming to be Jesus. What
gets me is how people are dumb enough to believe them. There have been several claiming to be Jesus in our
time, actually there has been many, but a few have come to national prominence. For instance, the first one who
pops in my mind was Jim Jones, who claimed to be Jesus Christ. Because of his charisma, literally hundreds of
people believed him and followed him eventually to their deaths, when they were ordered to drink poison, whether
by choice or deceit. Then there was one a little more recent, David Korrish who again claimed to be Jesus Christ,
and whom along with dozens of his followers was killed in a flaming fire at Waco Texas.

      Then there are those like Charles Manson, who claimed to be both Jesus Christ and Satan. Others are out
there as well, with names we have not yet heard, with no national attention or fame, yet they’re deceiving people
into believing and following them instead Christ.  May God Help Us!

      Much of the problems with people believing these lies has to rest upon the Church and its leaders. With so
many Clergy and teachers believing the deceit of Satan, what can be expected from the laity.  

      Several years ago a survey was sent out to 10,000 pastors and clergy members in the mainline Churches
across America. Of those 10,000 surveys that were sent 7,431 were returned. The results of this survey is startling.
Four questions were asked.
      [1]  Question # 1 - Do you believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus, that he arose from the dead and now
sits at the
             right hand of the father in heaven?
             Answer - Fifty-one percent of the mainline Christian Church leaders answered "No"
      [2]  Question # 2 - Do you believe that Jesus was born to a virgin?
            Answer - Sixty percent of the mainline church leaders said "No"
      [3]  Question # 3 - Do you believe in the Devil and in demonic presence in the world?
            Answer - Sixty-two percent of the mainline clergy said, "No"
      [4]  Question # 4 - Do you believe the bible is accurate and that it is the inspired word of God?
            Answer - This one is  broken down by denomination
                      87% of the Methodist Clergy said "No"
                      82 % of the Presbyterian Clergy said "No"
                      95 % of the Episcopalian Clergy said "No"
                      67 % of the Baptist Clergy said "No"
                      77 % of the Lutheran Clergy said "No"

      The survey wasn‘t sent out to the smaller denominations, such as the Mennonites, Brethren and so on, but if
they were, I’m afraid the same sort of answers would have been present. I ask you, with the clergys lack of belief,
what can we expect from the laity?

      Folks, we are living in troubled times. We are living in a time when the foundation of Christianity is slowly
crumbling. We’re living in a time when man is being deceived, and biblical truths are under attack. We are living in a
time when the bible is being cast aside for the beliefs of man.

      Several years ago, it was said that someone found the bones of Jesus. The person claimed this to be an
important find, because it proved that Jesus existed. What he didn’t say is, if one were to believe what he claimed
to find, everything we hope for, everything the bible promises would be fake. It turned out that the box he found was
fake, but it caused a stir for a while

      The truth is Jesus rose from the dead three days after he died, and forty days after that he ascended to
heaven where he sits at the right hand of the Father. When he left, he took his bones with him. Man can look all
they want, but they won’t find his bones here on earth.  

      Yet, these things point to the fact that Jesus is about to return and take his followers  home to heaven with him.
Satan doesn’t want us to go to heaven. He wants us to turn away from Christ, The only way he can get us to do so,
is to convince us that the bible is wrong. He’s spreading his lies and deceit to everyone who’ll listen, and
unfortunately, there are many who are.

      Brothers and Sisters, if you want to go to heaven, you must not listen to Satan‘s lies and deceit. You must cling
to God’s Holy Word, and follow Jesus. All the signs are pointing to his coming soon. Do not allow yourself to be
deceived. God will not be mocked.

      Until next time, I urge you to Keep the Faith, follow Jesus and test everything you hear, read or see, against
the teachings found in God’s Holy Word. If it does not match, throw it out with the garbage. Keep yourself pure and
Holy in the gospel of Jesus Christ.   AMEN