Don Guthrie
Radio Broadcast Messages
Aired week of Aug  14 - 20, 2011
“The Last Days - Perilous Times”

    Hi! I'm Don Guthrie and I would like to thank you for joining me as we look into God’s Holy Word in order to learn
how to become a more faithful followers of Christ, and a better witnesses to the world.

      As I begin, I would invite you to pray with me. Lord, I come before you this day in the name of Jesus. I ask that you
anoint me with your Holy Spirit and speak to those who are listening to my voice so that they might hear and understand
what you have to say to them. Open our heart and our ears that we might receive the message you have for us today,
in Jesus name I pray. AMEN

      Today I’m starting a series of messages on the Last Days. I feel that God telling me to warn you and to help you
prepare for his coming, which from all I can discern from the signs he gave us, will be happening in the very near future.
Don’t hear me wrong, I don’t know when he is coming, and I am not giving times or dates as some have tried to do, for
the bible tells us that no man knows the day or the hour that Jesus is coming and even the angels in heaven have not
been given this information. But, the bible does give us signs to be looking for and signs that show us that the end is
near. Those are the signs we will be looking at and studying over the next weeks.

      From all that I can gather from the bible, and by watching for the signs, it appears that the time for Jesus to rapture
the church away is very near. It saddens me to think about the many folks who have not prepared and who will not be
ready when he comes. The question I want to ask you today is, are you ready? Are you prepared to meet Jesus when
he comes? I pray that you are, for the signs do point show to his coming and only those who are ready to meet him will
be taken with him to heaven.

      Now with these thoughts in mind, I would like to read the scripture for today which comes from 2 Timothy, chapter 3
and verses 1-7.

2 Timothy 3:1-7    
1.     This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2.     For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents,
      unthankful, unholy,
3.     Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4.     Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
5.     Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
6.     For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers
7.     Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

      Over the next several weeks we will be looking at this same passage of scripture, where we will be looking at
several of  
the signs. Today, I will be talking about the first sign we see, which is the perilous times in which we are living that is
spoken of in 2 Timothy 3:1.

2 Timothy 3:1
1.     This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

      Folks, we’re living in the last days, or to put it in a better perspective, we’re living in the last of the last days. I
mention this to you because I have heard different people say that preachers have been preaching that we were in the
last days since Jesus went back to heaven almost 2000 years ago. This is a true statement, they have.

      When one studies the book of Acts, it’s easy to see how the believers who were a part of the first church believed
that Jesus was going to come in their generation. This is obvious when one reads of how they sold their land and
everything they had and then gave everything to the Apostles to use in spreading the word. They were so sure that
Jesus was coming that they didn’t have a need for anything. As a result, many of those Christians got themselves into
financial problems and the Apostles were forced to take up offerings and raise money for them so they could survive.

      So, if the first church was so sure that Jesus was coming, so sure that they were willing to give everything they had
to the Lord, and He didn’t come, what makes me so sure he’s about to come now? First, let me say that Jesus did come
for the born again believers in the first church.  The last time I checked there wasn’t a single one of them living today.
That being the case, it’s obvious that he came for them the moment they closed their eyes in death, the same way he
comes for those of us who close our eyes in death today. He just didn’t come in the manor they thought he would.

      The truth is; some of us will likely meet Jesus when we close our eyes in death, whereas others of us might see
him when he comes to rapture the Church away. Incidentally, the word rapture is not found in the bible, but it describes
what the bible teaches. Rapture means to snatch away implying that Jesus will come and take his people away in an
instant, in a twinkling of an eye.  

      The bible gives us signs to be looking for, signs that will show us when Jesus is about to come. From everything I
see, and from all the signs given, I believe that he will be coming soon. Some of the signs are found in today’s scripture,
others are found elsewhere in the bible. The first sign in our scripture for today tells us that perilous times will come.
Folks, open your eyes and look around you. If we aren’t living in perilous times then I ask you, what would you call this
time in which we live?

      All around the world, there are signs of perilous times. Wars are being fought. People are being killed by suicide
bombers, and gunmen. But, by far the most perilous thing taking place is the lack of Christian Witness in the world and
the Church’s falling away from God.

      We are living in perilous times when we see Christian Churches closing their doors, and false religions taking them
over. Several years ago, I heard a report on the radio that in London England alone, forty Christian Churches had
closed their doors and had been re-opened by Muslim congregations. This same thing is happening in other places as
well. Christianity is declining and false religions are on the rise.

      Our Government here in the United States was founded and built upon the bible and Christian doctrine. Today all
this is falling apart, and the very documents that our founding fathers put in place to protect our Christian beliefs are
being translated falsely to take our religious freedoms from us. For instance, what we so often hear called the
separation of Church and State which is quoted as being a part of the Constitution is not found in the Constitution. This
idea came from a letter Tomas Jefferson wrote to a friend.

      What the Constitution says concerning the Church is that we are to have freedom to worship God without any
interference from the Government. This was the only intention of the founding fathers.

      Prior to America’s founding, the Church was under the domain of the Government, and the Government dictated
which church the people were to attend and what they were to believe. The men who forged our Government wanted to
make sure that we would be able to worship in the Church and denomination of our choice so they wrote this stipulation
into the constitution.

      Freedom of religion has been the standard of America for hundreds of years, but that freedom is slowly being
removed and replaced with guidelines and laws prohibiting us from worshiping Jesus Christ and living our lives for him.
It’s not as bad here in America as it is in some of the other countries but I fear it’s coming here as well. In Canada and in
England there have been laws passed which prohibit a pastor or anyone for that matter, from saying anything about
homosexuality. To do so is a crime. There was a pastor in Canada who was arrested for reading a passage from the
bible which referred to homosexuality as being a sin. Apparently, even if it’s part of God’s Holy Word, they still aren’t
allowed to preach it, or read it in public. Folks, we’re living in perilous times.

      Have you notice how people can say anything they want to about Christians, and there are no repercussions or
laws to protect us. Yet, on the other hand, if a Christians talks about sinners, calling their sin, sin, what the bible says it
is, we have people crawling down our back and the law helping them. This is yet another sign of the perilous times in
which we live.  

      Take the issue of abortion. Thousands of children are killed every day through abortions in this country alone.
People accept these murders, as a mother’s right to choose instead of labeling them as what they really are, a murder.
When you think of it, this is worse than murder. With an abortion the mother hires someone, in this case a Dr., to kill her
unborn baby. Not only do you have a murder, you have murderer for hire, hired by the mother to kill her child. This is yet
another sign of the perilous times in which we live.

      For most part, the Church has lost its power. Very few people fear the Lord any more. Christians do pretty much the
same things that non-Christians do, without any guilt or remorse. They go to the dance halls and beer joints on
Saturday nights, drinking, dancing and partying and then attend church on Sunday mornings holding their head up,
praising God like the best of Saints. Some of them live together like husband and wife, yet never get married, and
consider them selves to be a good Christian, getting offended if you don’t allow them to have the same privileges in the
church, such as teaching, playing music, and so on, as the others in the church have, even though they are living
contrary to God word and committing adultery. They seem to have no regard for their sin and God forbid that a preacher
confronts them with what they are doing. Indeed folks, we are living in perilous times.

      Many in the Church no longer have any idea what it means to be born again, or to be converted. Apparently, some
of the preachers don’t either. What’s being preached from the Pulpits is acceptance, tolerance and the need for the true
believers to change our beliefs to match those whose beliefs don’t correspond with bible teaching. Instead of preaching
repentance and following Jesus, preachers are preaching love and acceptance of all lifestyles and all peoples. We are
indeed living in perilous times.

      It was reported on Good Morning America some time ago that a new generation of young people who aged sixteen
to twenty something - called Generation next, are more acceptable to homosexuals and the things happening in current
affairs than the older generations are. Furthermore, it was said, that this same group of people were less spiritual and
did not believe as deeply in God as the older generation does. These are the people who will be the leaders of our
country, in the very near future, and those who will be teaching our Grandchildren and our great-grandchildren in
school, and even in our churches. With a generation of children coming on who finds nothing wrong with adultery,
abortion, homosexuality, and other sins, what can we expect for our country in the coming years? We are living in
perilous times.

      There was a time when we didn’t have to worry about locking our doors. That’s no longer the case. It has come to a
point now that you can’t leave your doors on-locked, or your car running long enough to run into a seven eleven for a
soda without your car being stolen. You can’t leave packages lying on the backseat where they can bee seen. You can’
t drive through a city without locking your doors for fear of being mugged or robbed. Yes. we are living in perilous times.

      We are living in perilous, troubled and sinful times, showing us without a doubt that Jesus is coming soon. We are
living in times that are frightful, yet times that are exciting, because they point to the coming of Christ.

      In this troubled time we have an opportunity to show the world what Christianity is all about. It’s a time to stand up,
speak out, and to live our lives so others can see Jesus in us. To borrow the words of Jesus, we are living in a time
when the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

      You might say; “If I speak out, or tell others what the bible says, I’ll be persecuted.” That may be true, but Jesus
said, “Blessed are the persecuted, for they shall see God.” Jesus was persecuted but that didn’t stop him. Paul was
persecuted, but he kept right on preaching. Should we be any different?

      As a Christian, we need to join forces with God and start boldly living our life for Him. Things that were an
abomination to God a thousand years ago are still an abomination today. God has not changed and he never will.  What
the Church preached against a hundred years ago, calling them a sin are still sins today just as they were then. For us
to become tolerant and acceptable of sins is to commit sins ourselves and we will have to answer to God for doing so.  

      Jesus is coming soon. I don’t know when. The bible tells us that no man knows the day or hour that Jesus will
come. Even the angels in heaven don’t know. But Jesus gave us signs so we will be prepared for him when he comes.
Those are the signs we will be studying over the weeks.

      What this means is; we must be prepared and ready at all times. We must prepare ourselves and do all we can to
prepare others. Unless we are prepared for his coming, we will not be allowed into heaven.   

      We are living in perilous times, perilous times for the church and perilous times for our Christian faith.

      Are you ready to meet Jesus? Are you prepared for his coming? Whether you are ready or not, he’s still coming. I
beg of you - Think on these things. AMEN