Proverbs 6:30-31
      30. Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;
      31. But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.

Verse 30 - Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;

     [A] Nearly everyone pities a poor person who was because they are perishing for lack of food, steals
             to satisfy their hunger or the hunger of their family, yet by law he is still a thief
     [B] Who would not give to a person, if they were hungry and asked for food?
             [1] Unfortunately, this is not the case in many instances, for people are so greedy and selfish
                     that they have no compassion on their fellowmen, and would watch a family die
                     instead of given to them.
             [2] If God has given us plenty, are we not responsible to give to others so that they too have?
             [3] Would it be right to deprive a person of food, simply because they have made bade
                     choices, or wasted what they had?
             [4] Would God deprive us of food, even if we had wasted what he had already given us?

     [C] Even so, there are many today who will not help their fellowmen, nor give them the crumbs from
             their tables, and the poor are forced to steal in order to survive.

Verse 31 - But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.

     [A] Under the law, it was not alright to steel, and if one were caught in the act they had to pay for the
             sin they committed
  Exodus 22:1-4
             1.   If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an
                   ox, and four sheep for a sheep.
             2.   If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for
             3.   If the sun be risen upon him, there shall be blood shed for him; for he should make full
                   restitution; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.
             4.   If the theft be certainly found in his hand alive, whether it be ox, or ass, or sheep; he shall
                   restore double.

     [B] If a man could not pay back what he had stolen, by the standards laid down by the law of God, he
                     was to be sold into slavery, and become a bondsman until he paid back the amount owed in

     [C] In other words, being poor, does not allow someone to steal, under the law they are responsible
             for their actions
             [1] In the same manor, I can’t help but wonder if those who have to give, and refuse to give
                     are not as guilty as the one whom is forced to steal in order to feed their family  
    Lu 16:19-25
                     19. There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared
                           sumptuously every day:
                     20. And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,
                     21. And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the
                           dogs came and licked his sores.
                     22. And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's
                           bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
                     23. And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus
                           in his bosom.
                     24. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may
                           dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
                     25. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and
                           likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
             [2] There probably were other sins that caused the rich man to go to hell, but the one major sin that
                     Jesus brings to the forefront is selfishness, and a lace of compassion for his fellowmen
                     [a] The rich man had been given much, and from him much was expected
                     [b] Lazarus had noting and no way of getting anything, so he sat at the rich man’s gate begging for
                             the crumbs that fell from his table.
                     [c] Whether or not he was given the crumbs, is not told us, but the fact remains, he should not
                             have had to beg, the rich man who had plenty, should have freely given to him, from
                             his vast abundance of what God had allowed him to have.

Proverbs 6:32
     32. But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own

     [A] But  whoso committeth adultery
             [1] The case here is to be understood of a married man
                     [a] He has a wife
                     [b] His situation is not that of the poor their who is hungry and stole only to appease his
             [2] Both sins, adultery and stealing is sins against God - both are commandments which are broken,
                     but there is a difference,
                     [a] The hungry man can pay for his debt, either by given bake what he stole, plus an
                             abundance more or he can be sold into servant hood and work off his debt. Either way
                             he has to pay for his crime, Yet his sin is more justified because he was hungry, and
                             would have died unless he stole food
                     [b] The one who commits adultery either has a wife of could get one, and instead of being
                             satisfied with what he has goes to his neighbor and went into his neighbors wife
                             [1-a] The difference between him and the thief is that there is no restitution for this
                             [2-a] What he has done had broken a sacred bond between husband and wife. And
                                     destroyed the sanctity of marriage between he and his own wife, and the
                                     neighbor and his wife.  
                              [3-a] I believe that the man and the woman can be forgiven for their sin, but, the
                                     sanctity of their marriage will never be the same - they have lost trust, their
                                     honor, and a friend.

     [B] He Destroyeth his own soul.
             [1] He has sinned against his own life,
             [2] under the law of Moses, adultery was punished with death
Leviticus 20:10
                     10. And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth
                           adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to
Deuteronomy  22:22
                     22. If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them
                           die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil
                           from Israel.
             [3] Sexual sins cannot be reversed,
                     [a] Once committed, they are committed
                     [b] They are sins against your own body, and the body of the other person
             [4] Under God’s law, both the man and the woman were to be put to death, they had no opportunity to
                     make amends, no opportunity to go to the priest and seek forgiveness,
                     [a] They knew the law, and they knew the punishment for breaking it

Proverbs 6:33
     33. A wound and dishonor shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.

     [A] In some cultures, it was lawful for the husband of the wife who was used by a man to take the law in his
             own hands, and do bodily harm to him

     [B] Both the woman and the man were dishonored by there actions, and would never be trusted again
             [a] Some cultures would kill both the man and the woman for there actions,
             [b] Some would kill only the woman

     [C] Never the less, because of the sin the person committed, a sin that was against his own  body, the
             ramifications of the sin could never be wiped away.
             [a] This is not to say that God will not forgive, for God forgives all manors of sin
Proverbs 6:34
     34.  For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.

     [A] He will not, when he has detected the adulterer in the fact, wait for the slow progress of the law: it is then
             to him the day of vengeance; and in general, he often avenges himself on the spot
             [1] Many a wife and boyfriend, or husband and girlfriend have been killed by a spouse when they
                     were caught in the act.
             [2] Can you see how adultery causes sin to increase
                     [a] The adulterer and the adulteress both have committed sin
                     [b] The mate often commits sins  by taking the law into their own hands

     [B] The bottom line is,
             [1] Adultery never is a good thing and causes much pain and heartache

Proverbs 6:35
35. He will not regard any ransom; neither will he rest content, though thou givest many gifts.

     [A] This is an injury that admits no compensation.

     [B] Nothing can satisfy  a man of the injury his honor has sustained when his mate has lain with another man
             [a] To take a bribe or a ransom, would be setting up chastity at a price and that cannot be done.

Proverbs 7:1
     1.   My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.

     [A] I won’t say much about this verse as we have seen it several times before, and discussed it then - What I
             will say is that Solomon is giving us much information, information that will help us in our Christian           
             walk and guide us along the straight path if only we adhere to his teaching. Solomon was indeed a         
             very wise man, and was filled with the Spirit of God.

Proverbs 7:2
     2.  Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

     [A]  Keep my commandments, and live
             [1] I don’t know if these were his commandments or if a better way of saying it, would have been his      
                     interpretation of God’s commandments
     [2] I look at then as Holy Spirit inspired scriptures, and sayings from him
     [3] Indeed if one keeps his sayings and obeys his teaching, he or she will be adhering to the laws of              

     [B]  My law as the apple of thine eye
             [1] It does not take anything big to irritate the eye, indeed it can be irritated by a very minute speck of     
             [2] So it is with following God,
                     [a] We should protect ourselves from evil as we protect our eye from dirt
                     [b] We should be aware constantly that a little evil in our live is a huge irritant to our Spiritual well
                     [c] When a piece dirt is in the eye, the eye is irritated until it is removed, sometimes the dirt will
                             damage the eye by scratching it and causing infection
                     [d] Little sins are an irritant to us as well, when we allow sin to enter in, it irritates our                     
                             relationship with God, causes us to fail in our prayer life, and if left unchecked can
                             cause an infection and grow larger, or cause us to commit more sins to try to cover up         
                             the tiny sin we have committed
             [3] Solomon is warning us not to allow even the smallest sin to be a part of our lives, instead we are to  
                     bar the doors, and keep all sin at bay
                     [a] This holds true for our own personal selves, as well as our homes, the body of the Church       
                             and even the country in which we live.
                     [b] We are not to allow any unchecked sin in our lives, instead we are to recognize the sin,               
                             confess it and turn from the sin and follow God. Unfortunately far too many people                 
                             feel they are able to handle the sin on their own, so they never confess it to others,                 
                             this sets them up for a repeat performance. When on confess their sins to God and to            
                             man, they have people here on earth that will hold them accountable. When we                         
                             confess only to God, we are much more apt to continue to sin, because there is no-one           
                             to tell us we are doing wrong. God will through our conscious, but our conscious can                 
                             be seared and we will not here him
                     [c] We cannot allow sin to be in our homes. If we allow the smallest sin to live among us,                 
                             larger sins will eventually creep in as well
                     [d] Unfortunately, sin has crept into our churches and defiled them in various ways
                             [1-a] It is not surprising to see buying and selling going on in the church
                             [2-a] It is not surprising to see people living in sin sitting in church, and taking part in               
                                     all the working of the church
                                     [3-a] It is not surprising to see church members committing all manors of sins, and            
                                             still profess that they are saved and on their way to heaven
                     [e] Our nation and the world is full of sin, because the Church is weak and has allowed it to          
                             enter. With Jesus being removed from the Government, from our schools, and from                 
                             our daily lives, what can we expect

Proverbs 7:3
     3 Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.

     [A] God’s word and instructions should be a constant part of our lives,
             [1] If need be, they should be bound on your fingers where you can see them
             [2] They should be engraved on your heart so that you don not forget them

Proverbs 7:4
     4.  Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman:
     [A] What Solomon means here is
             [a] We should welcome instruction
             [b] We should consider wisdom something that we love and cherish
     [B] Wisdom about God and his teachings, and doing what he tells us is what will get us to heaven

Proverbs 7:5
     5.  That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

     [A] Only by having knowledge and wisdom will we be able to turn from wickedness, and walk in the proper

     [B] It is only by heeding to wisdom that we know what path to walk
             [1] Satan  has imitations for everything God has and it is very hard to determine with is right, Only by
                     wisdom and knowledge of God can one know which way to turn