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Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to read the entire Bible? If you read it out loud at a
pace that is easy to understand, you could travel from Genesis to Revelation in seventy-eight hours. Divide
that out over the course of one year and you would discover that God's Word could be completed in 365
days by reading it just twelve minutes a day. As Christian Johnson said, "A Bible that's falling apart
probably belongs to someone who isn't."
Sometimes the hardest thing to do with Scripture is apply it to your life. For many of us, it's easier to make
the application for other people. One pastor became acutely aware of this when a church member
consistently met him after the service and said, "You sure preached to them today." The pastor dreamed of
someday hearing this woman take the message personally. He thought he had finally gotten his chance when
one Sunday a severe storm prevented all but the pastor and this woman from showing up. After the message
he knew she couldn't quote her standard remark. She didn't. She said, "Too bad they weren't all here,
because . . . you sure preached to them today." The first priority of Bible study is personal application and
It is generally accepted as an axiom that the only justification of the State in undertaking popular education
is its own preservation and upbuilding. It is a measure of public safety. The aim, so far as the State is
concerned, is to make good citizens, and the scope of its effort is limited by that necessity. The question
with which the State has to do is one of public morals; for it is upon the morality of the people that the
progress of the nation and its civilization depend. The great nations of the past all perished, not of poverty,
nor of lack of culture, but of immorality. Some of them went down at the height of literary, artistic, or
material greatness. Few will dispute the impressive teaching of history, as well as of philosophy, that the
great duty of the State is the cultivation of the moral nature of its children. It is a question, therefore, which
every citizen ought to weigh, whether a system, not of ethical maxims, but of vital aggressive morality, can
be successfully cultivated without the aid of the Bible.
Personal Note:

The study of God's word is of the utmost importance, for it is the
road-map to Heaven, instructions for daily life and it holds the
answers to most if not all of life's questions.  

For a Christian, it is imperative that you not only read, but that they
study the bible, in order that they might know what God expects of
them. Unless one is willing to read and study the Word of God, how
can they know when others are telling them things which are false.
Your salvation and eternal life are too important to believe only what
others tell you. Therefore you must study to show yourselves
approved unto God.

Theses pages are a good way for you to study the bible. They are
for your use, and for your learning. Enjoy.

Pastor Don Guthrie   
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